Adventure Starts Where the Plans End!

Adventure quote

I just celebrated my 10th anniversary at the best job of my career. I love my work team, colleagues, mission, and my doctoral business degree program at Walden University. OK, maybe Finance class – not so much. 🙂

In February, I had the opportunity to leave cold and wintry Minnesota for two weeks to work virtually in Florida. As a transplant from a moderate climate with four calendar-based seasons, I have hibernated like a bear during Minnesota’s winters. Minnesota is a gorgeous and very under-rated place. I live across from a beautiful lake in a park-like setting. Yet I’ve struggled with winter’s isolation and cabin fever each year. Additionally, native Minnesotans are lucky to have very solid, close social circles of family and friends, so it can be challenging for transplants to grow strong social ties. I started a Meetup called “Twin Cities Icebreakers” for small group gatherings for folks to get to know each other on a regular basis. The group filled to capacity very quickly.

After hitting my “tenth anniversary in the tundra,” I visited a long-time friend in Naples, Florida. I am fortunate to be able to work virtually, so I wanted to explore what it might be like to live there. Serendipity struck – there was an open house for a bright, pretty condo for sale in the building next door to my friend’s place. When I walked up the stairs of that condo, I fell in love. Yes, you’re thinking – winter in Florida – what’s not to love? There was so much more to it than just that. I loved the vision of living next door to my longtime friend Chris, someone I had known 25 years whom I could pal around with spur of the moment. It felt like winning the social wellness lottery!

So I’m moving to Naples in May! I’m thrilled to keep my role as Career Services Senior Director at Walden and finish my DBA degree. On my spare time, I’ll be building a professional and social network from scratch – I’m already scouting out LinkedIn groups and Meetup groups.

Sometimes quick decisions based on intuition and the heart are the best ones! To quote my hero Helen Keller, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing!”

Originally posted on LinkedIn, March 16, 2017

Lisa Cook, Senior Director of Career Services and DBA Student