Feeling Complacent and Boxed In?

Cat in a box

Gracie prefers a cardboard box as her bed of choice.  It may be hard and cold, but it’s familiar and smells of interesting foods from Costco.  Meanwhile, the furry warm cat bed remains brand new and unused.

The start of our State Fair here in Minnesota, branded as “Minnesota’s Great Get-Together,” signals the end of summer.  Yet, each year, there’s something about fall that signals promise and new beginnings.  It could be the start of the new school year or my September birthday.  September somehow feels like a “Plan B New Year” for getting things done.

What’s on your 2016 “to do” list?  The year is nearly 3/4 over.  You might regroup by asking these questions:

  • What support is available to help you reach your goals?  If you haven’t accomplished goals on your own, some help could be just what you need.  We often worry about burdening others when asking for help actually strengthens relationships and friendships.  Take the risk and ask.
  • What is not working well for you?  Do your goals need a tune-up?  If you’ve been chasing the same train for years and it always leaves the station before you get there, is it time to catch a plane instead?
  • What new stories can you build about who you are, what you’re doing, and where you’re headed?   As the saying goes, “What we focus on, we become.”  If you want to develop in new areas, you need to celebrate your progress along the way.  Are you playing to your strengths?  Are you sharing your talents to help others?

I hope your fall season holds a world of new possibilities – outside the box!

Written by Lisa Cook, Senior Career Services Director and DBA Student


Originally posted on LinkedIn, August 15, 2016