Are You a “Leadager?”

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I am pleased to be engaged in my second Doctor of Business Administration class, Organizational Leadership.  During my first class, I mastered the basics of APA, navigation of our online classroom, and academic writing for discussion posts and research papers.  With these “rules of the road” behind me, I look forward to the challenges ahead!

Reflecting on my first class, it was more academically rigorous than I anticipated.  Two-week modules required reading 5 to 10 academic articles and then researching additional articles to support four scholarly discussion posts with APA citations.  Also, the eight-week class required writing an annotated bibliography and three scholarly papers up to 10 pages in length.  I learned about disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, and organizational change through many weekend and weeknight hours spent reading, researching, and writing. Writing scholarly discussion posts and papers with citations seemed similar to my preparing to be called on in law school at Ohio State University.  There is no way to coast in writing a scholarly APA-cited post!

I would like for all successful online learners from Coursera to Walden University to University of Maryland to consider yourselves “leadagers.”  We are leaders supporting change in higher education accessibility and proactively managing our careers at all ages.  We are also highly effective project managers balancing academics with busy professional and personal lives.

Cheers and best of luck in your pursuit of lifelong learning!

Lisa Cook, DBA Student and Senior Director of Career Services

Lisa Cook