LinkedIn: Are Y…

LinkedIn: Are You Utilizing the Advanced People Search? 

With all of the bells and whistles that LinkedIn offers, it is no surprise that people are still learning all of the ins and outs.  Just today I realized how useful the Advanced People Search function is.  By utilizing Advanced People Search, you can narrow your search by location and industry to make your search more strategic.

Let’s say you are in a job search because of relocation or you have changed industries.  You need to start networking with professionals in your geographical area and given industry.  By utilizing the Advanced People Search, you can specifically look for someone in your desired geographic area and industry and make a valuable connection.

This function enables you to identify individuals who could be a resource for you and learn about their professional associations, groups, and employers.  With that knowledge, you can brand yourself in that market and get more involved in your field.

Could you imagine being able to do a quick search for someone in New York City who works in Higher Education for an informational interview?   What about someone in France who works in Public Policy?  Well, now you can!

Some of the “Industry Types” search criteria to highlight are: Accounting, Alternative Medicine, Banking, Civil & Social Organizations, Computer & Network Security, Defense & Space, E-Learning, Education Management, Financial Services, Government Administration & Relations, Higher Education, Human Resources, Information Technology, International Affairs, Mental Health Care, Primary/Secondary Education, Professional Training & Coaching, Public Policy, Public Safety, and Think Tanks.

Hope you find this information useful as you build your professional network and stay updated on trends in your career field!

Written by Career Services Advisor Andrea Obrycki