Career Services Successes

We often advise our students and alumni to track their accomplishments and celebrate them.  It’s not just the final step in the process, but all the small steps along the way – that great networking meeting or putting the finishing touches on a solid resume.  Every step forward is progress – it’s important to remember that.

So I’m writing a brief article about progress we’ve made this year to serve our students more effectively.  In February, we started offering group advising for first appointments via weekly webinars.  This has been very popular with students seeking an orientation to our services.  We’ve also very pleased to see our Career Services Center LinkedIn Group grow to more than 550 members!  Our staff has grown as well.  This summer, we welcomed a new Career Advisor to our team- Andrea Obrycki, who hit the ground running by doing her first large webinar on her second month on the job.  Since the beginning of the year, Dina Bergren has led the team in a substantial renovation of our website.  Our updated “Resources” tab is easier to navigate and more comprehensive in covering various degree programs.  Denise Pranke has been busy devising important metrics tracking systems.  This will enable us to better plan ahead in allocating our efforts and resources and improving our services.  Last but in no way least, Nicolle Skalski has played a major role in rolling out a new offering we are going to be publicizing in September – so stay tuned!  

I’m very fortunate to work with a very talented, dedicated and hardworking team.  I want to also recognize and thank you, our students, for the hard work that you do in balancing work, school and other demands.  I hope that you also take some time to celebrate those small steps along the way to success.

Have a great rest of the summer!

Lisa Cook, Career Services Director