Walden Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) Opportunities

As part of the university’s continued efforts to improve the first year student experience here at Walden, the Academic Skills Center will be expanding on a peer mentor model first implemented in a biostatistics course within our public health program. Starting this summer term start, we will have peer mentors embedded in college algebra courses within our College of Undergraduate Studies as well as within the College of Education where the peer mentors will lead a prospectus writing group. Come this fall, we will expand the PMP even further into the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, College of Education, and more.

 Walden University’s Peer Mentor Program (PMP) embeds Walden’s high-performing students in courses with the goal of fostering student achievement and increasing retention. The peer mentors provide supplemental instruction and one-on-one assistance to students within these courses and work with faculty members to evaluate course material and structure and develop resources to further aid students.

 Each peer mentor is offered a stipend during the term, and the position comes with a number of professional development opportunities such as CV assistance, teaching and tutoring experience, the chance to attend professional development workshops, and more. Peer mentors are hired and trained by the Academic Skills Center, and report jointly to that department as well as to sponsoring faculty in each program area.

Hiring criteria differs for each position, but in general peer mentors are expected to have received an A in the course in which they will be embedded and are expected to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA while a peer mentor. Currently, the peer mentor program is established in MATH1040, PUBH6125, and EDUC8081, and will soon be established in RSCH8200. This program will continue to expand, so keep an eye out for new peer mentor openings in your program!

 If you are interested in learning more about how you can build on your professional development and help other Walden students by becoming a peer mentor, please send an email to: academicskills@waldenu.edu.

Written by Heidi Rivers Marshall, Associate Director, Academic Skills Center