The Holiday Season and Social Change

As the year winds down, we are often reminded of those less fortunate, whether it be from a news report,  the clang of a Salvation Army bellringer, or a local canned food drive.  Recently I overheard a neighbor speaking of a local food shelf experiencing higher demand due to increasing numbers of teenagers relying on school lunch programs.  Some are going without food over weekends so that their younger siblings can eat.  When asked what was most needed, the food shelf  director said, “We’re low on everything!”   We’re taking up a collection in our community to help restock their shelves.  

As we consider those in need, it’s gratifying to know that our Walden University students, alumni, staff, and faculty dedicate thousands of hours each year, through the Walden University Service Network and other programs, to help those less fortunate.   A recent article highlights the many benefits of our volunteerism – not just to those who are helped but to the volunteers themselves –

Having just delivered a Time Management webinar to more than 300 students, we know you are highly industrious individuals with many demands on your time – from family responsibilities to careers to classwork.  Yet, you  do so much to weave positive social change into your career paths and other pursuits.  In this season of giving, we thank you for all that you do throughout the year to help make a difference in the world. 

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Productive 2012!

Lisa Cook, Director of Career Services