Keep Your Career on Track With a 30-Minute Assessment

Starting Thursday, February 10, 2011, Career Services will offer an initial 30-minute consultation to all new students requesting our advising services. During this initial consultation, you will gain an understanding of Career Services resources and collaborate with your Career Services Advisor to set clear career goals for your follow-up appointments.

After your initial 30-minute assessment appointment, you will have the option of scheduling 3 more follow-up appointments (45 minutes in length) over the next 3 months. During your appointments, your Career Advisor will partner with you to clearly identify your career goals, as well as provide feedback, suggestions, and the appropriate resources to help you to reach those goals.

Given the very challenging job market, goal setting is more important than ever.  It is a proven strategy for advancing your career, knowledge base, qualifications and professional network.  Schedule your initial consultation today using our online scheduling system at:  We look forward to speaking with you!

The Career Services Center


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