Webinar and Telephone Technology Glitches

It seems our technology has been on spring break lately.  It hasn’t worked as well as it usually does.  

We’d like to apologize to those who tried to log in to our “Walden Career Changers” webinar last week and were unable to do so.  Also, we’d like to apologize to those who have tried to call us recently to find a full voicemailbox.   

Without going into the nuts and bolts of what happened, I didn’t know about these technology glitches and their causes until today.  I’ve spoken with our technology folks to resolve both issues. 

Therefore, if you’ve tried to call us and haven’t been able to get through, please call us back – the phones are working right again.  We are trying to go through our phone call records as well to return our missed calls.

As for last week’s webinar featuring “Walden Career Changers,” there was a problem with the automatic generation of an incorrect password.  This has been resolved for our next webinar in June.  Career Services Advisor Dina Bergren will be sharing tips and strategies to maximize your use of LinkedIn on Thursday, June 17th, at 2 pm EST.  Meanwhile, please be assured that we are working to get our “Walden Career Changers” webinar archived as quickly as possible.  I will post a message on our blog and on our website when the archived webinar is available.  We hope you’ll listen to it as it was an excellent program.

Thanks for your patience.  We take great pride in providing the best possible service to students.  We’ve worked to resolve these issues as quickly as possible to continue to do so.

Lisa Cook, Director of Career Services


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