Walden Service Network

Volunteering is an excellent way to network as well as build skills in grantwriting, fundraising, mentoring, counseling, teaching, and a wide variety of other areas.  Consistent with our social change mission at Walden University, we recently launched the Walden Service Network, at www.WaldenU.edu/servicenetwork.

Our university president, Jonathan Kaplan, has presented a network challenge to the Walden community.  He would like to see us reach 10,000 registered members in the Walden Service Network, who each will perform and record a total of 40 volunteer hours, by the end of 2010. That’s four hours per month per person.

We know that there are countless members of the Walden community doing wonderful volunteer work in their communities to make a difference in the lives of others.  So please join us in registering your volunteerism in the Walden Service Network to help us reach our goal of 40,000 hours.  I just registered our project delivering our “Maximizing LinkedIn” workshop to job seekers in our community – 6 hours already.  Hope you’ll join us!

Written by Career Services Director Lisa Cook


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