Walden Career Services Promoting Social Change

Next week, Dina Bergren, Nicolle Skalski and I will deliver a workshop on “Maximizing LinkedIn” to unemployed jobseekers here in the Twin Cities through the Employment Ministry of St. Mary’s Basilica.  The Employment Ministry offers free workshops and career counseling to all members of the community, regardless of their religious backgrounds.  Through our colleague Vic Massaglia who regularly volunteers for them, we know that they do wonderful work.   

I proposed developing and delivering this workshop to Dina and Nicolle as a team building and community service activity.  This effort has really taken on a life of its own! 

Beyond a team building and community service activity, it has morphed into social change, professional development, better student service, and branding as well!  We’ve incorporated our new LinkedIn strategies into Walden residency workshops and in our individual advising appointments with students and alumni.  We plan to use our new content for an advanced LinkedIn webinar by year’s end.  This will be a great sequel to Vic Massaglia’s “Leveraging Online Social Networking Tools” in our Career Lecture Series archived webinars. 

We often promote volunteerism with our students and alumni as a great career development strategy.  You can network, gain skills and knowledge, and add great content to your resume at the same time.   You also meaningfully connect with people and get satisfaction from doing something positive to make the world a better place. 

The recently launched Walden Service Network is a great way to “keep paying it forward” – I’ll cover that in our next post.  For now, I hope you don’t mind that I bragged a bit about the work we’re doing in Career Services.  I can honestly say there’s nothing better for us than hearing your success stories and progress you’ve made in meeting your career goals.  So I just thought I’d share with you a “success story” of our own.

Thanks for all the social change efforts that you make – in earning your degrees, in the work that you do, in the lives that you live.  We’re right there with you “walking that talk.”  🙂

Written by Career Services Director Lisa Cook 


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