Networking Online



Often networking is something we consider when we’re in job search mode.  Yet, networking can happen anywhere and anytime.  It’s not just something that happens at professional association meetings and cocktail parties where we hand out our business cards.


I’ve heard people get jobs through a player on their softball team, a new contact made on LinkedIn, and a coworker in another office who happened to notice their strong work ethic and positive personality.   Networking contacts are made all the time at Walden residencies and in online classrooms.  So, who’s in your network?


An instant way to add more than 500 new contacts to your network is to join Walden University’s LinkedIn group.  Go to and search under groups for Walden University.  You can create a profile and have free instant access to emailing a whole cadre of Walden University faculty, students and staff.  You can also post a question to the group, such as asking if there are any students in your academic program who might be interested in meeting at the next residency. 


In our next post, we’ll discuss elevator speeches, a key tool in networking…